Finding Myself In Amsterdam Pt 1


One of my favourite stops. Here I’ve met some of the most interesting people ever.

My new Oracle is an app called Hopper.  You just type in a place you’d like to visit and it sends you alerts if the airfare goes down.  When a return flight to Amsterdam came up at $599, taxes in – I took that as a sign and booked the flight.

I know travel is also good medicine for me.  My family and I have travelled quite a bit since the kids were born. Adventurous travel. Like taking a 1 year-old, who insists on jumping in any body of water, to Venice.

But I haven’t travelled alone since before I met my husband. That’s 10 years ago.  That poor guy has had to listen to my 10-year-old travel stories about a million times. I pull at least one out at every dinner party. He never complains, but I know it drives him nuts.  That might be the biggest reason he encouraged me to go.